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Project Description

Project Title: THRE3 6IX 5IVE
Project Goal: One picture per day for 365 days!
Project Launch: February 27, 2010 (My 24th birthday)
Project Deadline: February 27, 2011 (My 25th birthday)

After being asked many times how my photography stuff is going, I realized that I never have much to say. I was taking a couple family pictures here and there and I have a couple weddings lined up, but I wasn’t being very active in what I love… TAKING PICTURES!!!! I saw someone challenging himself to take a picture a day for a year. So I took the challenge myself. Result … Project THRE3 6IX 5IVE

I hope you take this journey with me and enjoy  the photos and thoughts that I post. It will be a challenging journey but the results will be great. If you are a photographer yourself I challenge you to take this journey as well. Pick a date and get started. It’s just 365 pictures. It can’t be that difficult . . . right?

If you like any of the pictures you see they will be available for purchase in my online gallery. Well … I better get started. Wish me luck!

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